My name is Rob Asselstine and I’d like to introduce you to BOOTS & BOWS – the newest and most exciting audience-building concept for Orchestra’s and venues around the world…

BOOTS & BOWS is an exciting series of “The Music Of…” shows featuring the music of some of the most iconic Country Music Artist’s of all time.

In much the same way that orchestras and venues have developed new audiences and discovered new revenues by featuring “The Music Of…” shows rooted in the Classic Rock genre, BOOTS & BOWS represents another NEW audience – COUNTRY MUSIC FANS. Click here (DEMOGRAPHICS) to discover more about the Country fan – a much different profile than the stereotype you might at first envision. Country fans are remarkably loyal. They love their music and the sound of great vocals and a great band with Orchestra. Very often you’ll hear “…I only listen to Country!” – once a Country Music fan attends a BOOTS & BOWS show, they’ll tell all their friends – and they’ll come back to hear more – over and over and over. We know Country, we know Orchestras and we know Radio – If you’d like, we can help you connect with your local Country radio station to get you going.

BIG, SMALL – OR NOT AT ALL – Appreciating that Orchestras and venues come in all shapes and sizes, we construct the Band make-up and orchestrations to be modular in order to accommodate not only large and small orchestras but also a strings-only orchestration. We also perform as Band/Vocals only. Each band and vocal line up is put together customized to the needs of each particular show and because we know a lot of the folks in the business, we work with some of the most amazing, talented, and often high-profile session and touring musicians and singers from Nashville, Canada and around the world to deliver exciting and memorable performances for you and your audience.

CAN B&B CREATE A CUSTOM SHOW? – ABSOLUTELY! We can work with you to create a customized show specific to your needs.

TIMING – Tell us your timelines and w’ll make it work!

We’re excited to speak with you soon and to bring BOOTS & BOWS to your market. We’re affordable, professional and very easy to work with. We look forward to connecting with you soon!


Rob Asselstine

President, RGAMedia Inc.


519.577.0162  (Canada)

615.713.2188 (Nashville)