Rob is a great musician, arranger and consummate pro from start to finish. The shows are always high quality, both in production elements and talent on stage. I would recommend Rob for any project!


Highest level of artistry and professionalism on and off the stage. Recommend RGAMedia unequivocally!


I’ve worked with Rob for years and have always enjoyed our relationship. He and his team are all professional and the quality of the shows are top notch. I’d encourage anyone that books shows to have a conversation with him.


I’ve worked with Rob Asselstine on numerous shows and my experiences were always top notch. His shows are well thought out and he assembles not only folks who are extremely talented, but who are a joy to work with and who love what they do. I’m excited to see what he has in store for audience and cast members alike with “Boots and Bows“!


I have been honored and privileged to work in one of Rob’s productions. He is truly the best and it was a complete joy to work with him and his professional and talented cast..I loved his musical integrity to the music and the staging and production was absolutely top notch! It was an amazing experience..all of his shows are beautiful..musically and visually..I can’t wait to see ‘Boots and Bows!’

MARC JORDAN, RECORDING ARTIST, SONGWRITER (Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, Cher, Bette Midler, Chicago, Josh Groban and more)

I have worked with Rob many times over the years and he is the consummate professional. Like most Canadians in this industry he wears a number of hats…….He is an studio musician…he is an arranger….and a conductor director as well. It takes great personal skills and leadership qualities to be able to keep all these balls in the air. Rob does it all and makes it seem easy which makes it easier to put in the big hours we do in the industry. He also is entrepreneurial and generates ideas for shows that are very successful . These are talents rarely found in the same person but Rob is the whole package and I wish him well in this new endeavour.

ROBERT (BOBBY) MARTIN – KEYS, SAXOPHONE, FRENCH HORN – MultiMartin Music, Bizarre World Of Frank Zappa

I am happy and honored to have known Rob Asselstine since 2007. We’ve worked on numerous musical productions together every year since then, sharing the stage as performers in most of them. But Rob’s musical creativity extends much farther than just that of an accomplished musician. He is also a gifted concept/show creator, writer, and producer – and a friend. I would be similarly happy and honored to work with him on Boots And Bows and any future musical endeavor on which he embarks, because I know it will be of the highest quality, fun and successful!

JAY DAVIDSON, SAXOPHONE – RGA Productions, Whitney Houston, Steve Winwood, Cinderella, Taj Mahal

Rob Asselstine is a consummate professional in the music industry. As a producer of live shows, he is a rare breed. His respect for the artist is unparalleled. Consequently, his productions are scintillating and full of vitality. You get the sense that the artists performing are really enjoying putting on a show for you and that there’s no place that rather be then on stage entertaining you. Rob is indeed the real deal.

JOHN DYMOND, BASS – k.d. lang, Bruce Cockburn, Colin Linden, Blackie and The Rodeo Kings

This sounds like a great idea! Country music and strings in an orchestra goes together so well. I’m sure it would be a great success like many of Rob’s shows in the past. Having worked with Rob on an earlier show, I can attest to the fact that people loved his productions. Way to go, Rob!

AL BRISCO, STEEL GUITAR – Steel Guitars of Canada

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rob for many years, assisting in playing recording sessions for many artists. Rob has always provided a professional environment, making it easy & a pleasure to work with him & the artists.


I have worked with Rob in various shows since 2008. RGA productions is one of the best companies I have ever worked for! The shows are fun, the songs are great, the band is amazing and the performers are always fantastic! Everything is top notch and very professional. It has been such a pleasure to be a part of this amazing group of people and I can say with pride that I am part of the RGA family.

LARRY MERCEY, RECORDING ARTIST – 7-time JUNO award (“TOP COUNTRY GROUP) winner – The Mercey Brothers

Studio musicians, just aren’t musicians, they are “Studio” musicians. When you find a group of musicians you trust and know will do the job you don’t use anyone else, so it’s very hard to get into the recording musician’s clique. We were lucky to have him working for us.

BOB LUFFMAN – FOH ENGINEER – Centre In The Square, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

I have operated FOH for 2 of WRSO’s “Britain Rocks” shows. They are professionally organized with top notch musician’s. Both sets are packed with a great variety of well known tunes in a show that flows beautifully, virtually non-stop.


Since 2011 I have had the enormous pleasure of working with Rob and RGA on over 400 performances of 5 different shows. Professional work environment and top notch concepts are the mandate every time. The other players and singers are among the best in the world. It makes going to work a real joy and helps make me a better player.


Working with Rob Asselstine and RGA Productions has been an incredible experience. The consistency of high level artistry and professionalism on all shows I have been a part of is valued greatly. And it shows! The productions are slick, tight, well managed and all artists are taken care of with great respect.

LARRY GREGSON – H.I.T. Management Consultant

I have known and worked with Rob Asselstine over a period of forty-five years in a variety of entertainment settings. I have had the opportunity to work with many major entertainment industry people and in all of my years I have never worked with anyone who is as multi-talented as Rob Asselstine. From being a talented musician, arranger, record producer to live performance and production show producer Rob can do it all and do so with quality and excellence. Rob has produced several live Production Shows for me each of which have been successful on all levels to include creative and financial success. One of the most successful productions has been the combining of commercial songs performed by artists accompanied by a Symphony Orchestra. Rob is devoted to his craft and I would personally recommend Rob Asselstine for any endeavour. Rob always delivers excellence.


I met Rob when he asked me to do Country Classics in Niagara Falls. My experience working with him was one of pure joy. I was somewhat awe struck as he whipped the show into life in a matter of days. He kept the company spirit high through out, was very supportive of my efforts and ideas, at the same time maintaining the discipline needed to be ready by opening night. Rob’s script was was a blast for me, sitting in the attic, reaping the laughs and nostalgic emotions from the audience. Thanks Rob!


I have been a professional actor for more than 40 years so working with Rob and his musicians was a different experience for me. Different and yet the same. The goals in every show, no matter the genre, are always the same: to produce a show with an end result that entertains and thrills audiences and gives them something to remember. Rob excels at this. Underneath the hat he constantly wears lies a fertile brain that is rich with ideas and how to make those ideas become realities and, once they become realities, always finding ways to make them better, sharper, and more focused. I have worked for Rob since 2012 and found him to be refreshingly honest, honorable, decent, trusting and kind. He never forgets the people that work for him and is always looking out of their welfare, asking after them and never taking them for granted. I can tell you from personal experience this is not always the case with producers. In fact, in this regard, Rob is kind of rare.


I’ve really enjoyed performing in these shows. Rob and RGAMedia delve into a higher standard of professional entertainment which is evident when the preponderant quality shines through at showtime. I hope to be working with these fine people again sometime soon.


Well I have worked on many RGA productions over the years and I can guarantee no one has ever walked away disappointed!! First class shows all the way!!! Rob is a pro and puts everything he has in every show ! Top shelf entertainment !!!!


In 2019 I had the pleasure of joining the cast of Return to Grace. I was immediately impressed by RGA Media’s larger-than-life production and the attention to detail by producer, Rob Asselstine. With the RGA Media team and Rob Asselstine at the helm, Boots & Bows promises to be nothing short of spectacular.


The name Rob Asselstine immediately connotes excellence, imagination and power. He is an outstanding arranger/producer whom I had the pleasure and good fortune to work with as an engineer/session musician at Mercey Brothers Recording Studio. Rob was always delivering excellent arrangements and was very patient when we were getting the flow of things. I always left a session with Rob with a sense of accomplishment and a smile on my face. Years later when I had moved toward film making, as President of my own company Pacific Productions International, I was creating corporate pieces for Casino Niagara and our paths crossed once again. I started to go to Fallsview Casino to see Rob’s large scale themed shows. As usual they were outstanding, and yes, this is just another word that defines the man. Rob invited me to film one of his big acts live, and shoot interviews with key members with another legendary associate of ours Don Bird. I know whatever project Rob get’s underway it will be first-class. You know what I’m going to say next, and yes, that’s Rob Asselstine!


“I’ve been fortunate to have played on a few of Rob Asselstine’s (RGA) productions. The shows are always top notch entertainment from the lighting to the costumes and of course, the music.” It is a pleasure to be a part of any RGA endeavour. No doubt Boots & Bows will be another hit show for Rob.


I have had the great pleasure of working with Rob Asselstine on several of his shows in the past. I can guarantee that his newest creation “Boots and Bows” will rise up to his legacy of meticulously planned and beautifully executed shows. His reputation precedes him not only as a top notch performer, but as a creator whose passion to bring the best out of a show is contagious. Rob’s attention to detail is exemplary. Audiences from all over the world have lauded his shows as not to be missed, and I expect that this show will be no different in its immediate appeal. With the release of the Ken Burns documentary on the roots of country music in America, there has been a renewed interest and desire to connect to country music and all of it’s related sub-genres. As one member of a 7 piece Canadian Western Swing band, I am excited to see how this show will pay homage to the roots of country music that I and my other band members hold so dear. Stacey Lee Guse, Lead singer, “The Western Swing Authority”.


I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Rob and the rest of the RGA company, for the past 5 years. I have been a cast member of “Return to Grace,” which Rob produced and directed. I can, with absolute certainty, say that my experience with Rob has been nothing less than amazing. Working for Rob is different than so many other directors / companies because he truly respects and cares about everyone that he is working with. He treats everyone with kindness, respect, and professionalism, and truly goes out of his way to make sure we all know how much he values our talents and appreciates all that we bring. You will always see Rob conversing with everyone before shows, and telling everyone to “have a great show”! We all love our small chats with him! His dedication to his craft is also reflected In the product of his shows. Rob is a perfectionist; one of the most hard working people I know. This is truly evident in the quality of the shows he puts on. I have been a professional dancer in the business for over 17 years, and I can without doubt say that working for Rob has been, and will continue to be, one of the most memorable and enjoyable moments in my career. Anyone who has the honour of being involved in anything that Rob directs / produces, will truly see why we all respect and admire him so much, and why we all consider ourselves part of the RGA “family.”


RGA Productions has the very best production shows in the game. Whether it’s rock, soul, or country, Rob Asselstine and his team consistently deliver jaw-dropping live events that I’m always thrilled to be part of.


This is a fantastic idea and Rob has always produced world class shows so I think this will do very well


519.577.0162  (Canada)

615.713.2188 (Nashville)